Osugi -The Big Cedar-

s-DSC03116Sugi no Osugi

This is a big! big! monster!

Otoyo has a big monster. It’s named “Sugi no Osugi” which means “The big cedar of sugi”.

Osugi is one of biggest japanese cedar.

This tree is a symbol of Otoyo. Otoyo people affectionately call it “Osugi-san” meaning “Mr. Osugi”.

We are proud of this tree.

It’s known as “No.1 big Japanese cedar”.

Officially, Osugi is the biggest and oldest Japanese cedar placed in Shinto-shrine.

Only in a shrine?

I think meaning of “No.1” is more than that.

Also some other big Japanese cedars called “No.1”. In fact, we can make many No.1 criteria. One of No.1 big cedar is the oldest, another one is the biggest trunk…

How about our Osugi? I can say “It’s the greatest big Japanese cedar”.

How great it?

Point 1, The volume of Osugi is absolutely the most.

Point 2, It’s 3000 years old and it has born story, so Osugi has history.

Point 3, No.1 Japanese singer “Hibari Misora” swore that she become top singer in Japan when childhood under the Osugi.

Point 4, It looks like two ceders, actually, underground, two cedars connected together. Therefore, Osugi called “Fufu sugi” mean “Married cedars”. It’s looks like husband and wife.

Osugi has many outstanding points. That’s way I say it’s the greatest Japanese cedar.

When you visit Otoyo, you should visit our greatest Osugi!

If you throw here, you loss the most!

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