Osugi -The Big Cedar-

Sugi no Osugi This is a big! big! monster! Otoyo has a big monster. It’s named “Sugi no Osugi” which means “The big cedar of sugi”. Osugi is one of biggest japanese cedar. This tree is a symbol of Otoyo. Otoyo people affectionately call it “Osugi-san” meaning “Mr. Osugi”. We are proud of this tree. […]

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Where is Otoyo-cho?

Location of Otoyo Otoyo is a town that one of municipality in Japan. Otoyo is located just center of Shikoku area. So, It’s easy to go to main city of Shikoku which like Kochi, Takamatsu, Tokushima and Matsuyama etc. Sakura(cherry blossom) in front of Ananai station. Which mean otoyo is very accessible rural town in […]

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Welcome to OTOYO BLOG

Yoshino river taken from Kawaguchi Ohashi in the morning. Welcome to OTOYO BLOG I’m OtoyoJapan. I’m a one of otoyo people. Otoyo has many beautiful natures, rivers, mountains, cultures and people. And traditional foods are very nice!! and fresh!!! I will be happy if you interested in Otoyo life with reading this blog. Sorry, I […]

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